How not to finish quickly, how to avoid premature…


How not to finish quickly, how to avoid premature...

How not to finish quickly, how to avoid premature ejaculation, what to do with rapid ejaculation
Premature ejaculation: here the definition and causes of rapid ejaculation in men. Methods of dealing alphabolin with rapid ejaculation: exercises, medications. How to learn not to finish quickly.

How to learn not to finish quickly

The problem of premature ejaculation is familiar to quite a lot of men. Both partners suffer, not receiving satisfaction from fleeting sex. The situation is extremely unpleasant and can have consequences. A strong half of humanity is vulnerable. Men begin to lose faith in themselves, avoid intimacy, reflect on their sexual inferiority, trying on the image of a loser. This affects both family relationships and relationships with others. Many men want to know how not to end quickly. Because they want to get rid of uncertainty and fears.

This article will help to understand the causes of frequent sexual dysfunction, will tell you what to do, how to behave. Everyone will find useful advice for themselves, become familiar with existing methods of treatment and will receive answers to many questions of interest.

The content of the article

  • What is premature ejaculation
  • Ejaculation mechanisms
  • The duration of sexual intercourse
  • Causes of quick intercourse
    • Physiological
    • Pathological
    • When you need to consult a doctor
    • Ways to prolong the time before ejaculation
      • Meditation and self control
      • Exercises
      • Poses
      • Preparations
        • Sealex
        • Confido
        • Dapocasetin
        • Ogopleks
        • Folk recipes
        • Circumcision
        • Prevention
        • Video
        • What is premature ejaculation

          If a man ends before or immediately after the introduction of his genital organ into the vagina, then we are talking about rapid ejaculation. The seed is thrown out prematurely, but the man cannot influence or delay the onset of this moment.

          Ejaculation mechanisms

          Multitamp is the culmination moment of copulation, accompanied by a feeling of pronounced pleasure and orgasmic discharge. This occurs when the corresponding center in the spinal cord is activated (the sacral region).

          Irritants coming from the receptors of the genital organs, visual, auditory and other analyzers are summarized. Having reached the threshold value, they activate the center, which sends impulses to the executive organs (prostate, seminal vesicles, vas deferens). Sperm begins its movement: first enters the posterior urethra, and then thrown out. A man experiences an orgasm, accompanied by feelings of “liberation” and pleasure.

          The well-coordinated work of this complex mechanism may suffer if there are failures in any of the links described above. A variety of factors can influence the process.

          The duration of sexual intercourse

          According to research by American and Canadian sexologists, the average duration of intimacy for many couples ranged from 1 minute 15 seconds to 3 minutes 25 seconds.

          The concept of norms is very vague. Different sources cite various data. The average normal rate can be considered the contact time from 2.5 to 7 minutes.

          Ejaculation occurring within the first 2 minutes after sexual penetration is considered premature. It’s about unmanageable ejaculation. These are the situations where you can hear from men: “I finish quickly, but I can’t do anything about it.”

          On the basis of the obtained statistical data, attempts were made to establish and evaluate certain averaged time intervals for the male organ to remain in the vagina before the onset of seed release.

          According to the collected data, the residence time of a member in the vagina can be considered:

          • too short: 1-2 minutes;
          • adequate: 2.5–7 minutes;
          • Desired: 7–13 minutes;
          • too long: 13–30 minutes.

          Surveys and polls suggest that about 70% of men ejaculate in the first 15 minutes after the penis is inserted into the vagina.

          Some sexologists, speaking of prematurity, evaluate not only the time interval, but also the usefulness of sex. It is important to assess feelings and satisfaction with sexual intercourse of partners before the onset of detente.

          Uncontrollable ejaculation will be considered early if it causes sexual and emotional discomfort in one or both participants of a love act.

          Causes of quick intercourse

          Rapid mating is often found in the wild. This increases the chances of survival of one species or another. This is an elementary procreation. This action by nature has a rather tight time frame.

          But such restrictions are unacceptable in human relations. Sex has ceased to be only a way of procreation. He acquired a much deeper meaning and semantic shades. Sexual relations began to be perceived as something more than just physical intimacy. They became the personification of love, emotional intimacy, affection and mutual trust. It is a source of positive emotions, pleasure and joy.

          Quick sex does not meet all the requirements. But for some of the representatives of the stronger sex, its extension is not always possible due to the early release of sperm. Let’s look at the causes of rapid germination in men, leading to early termination of intimacy. They can be divided into 2 groups: physiological and pathological.


          To physiological include:

          • increased psycho-emotional and sexual arousal, often observed in young and inexperienced guys with a lack of sexual experience;
          • long prior abstinence and lack of intimate relationships;
          • the presence of negative experiences of previous sexual relations;
          • development of habits and stereotypes of the end of the “process”, formed by a long previous practice of masturbation;
          • unusual for sex setting, fear, fear of something;
          • psychological barriers, restrictions and stereotypes developed by education.


          To restore normal sexual function may require the help of a doctor.

          Pathological causes include:

          • diseases of the central nervous system (mental pathologies and organic brain damage);
          • effects of lumbar spine injuries and some non-traumatic changes (spinal instability with the presence of intervertebral hernia, protrusions, etc.);
          • changes in peripheral nerves responsible for the passage of signals in the inguinal region;
          • increased tactile susceptibility of the penis head;
          • genital infections;
          • noninfectious inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs;
          • anatomical changes (abnormalities of the penis and scrotum), phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin);
          • endocrine diseases, hormonal imbalances.

          When you need to consult a doctor

          Consultation with a doctor is necessary in the case of sexual dysfunctions caused by the presence of organic and mental pathology, far-gone psychological problems. In such cases, it is better to seek qualified medical assistance and not try to cure or fix something yourself. The fight against the “invisible enemy” is fraught with consequences. It is necessary to identify the cause and direct efforts to eliminate the underlying disease. For example, without curing prostatitis, a man can treat his “rate of fire” for a long time and without success. The problem of rapid ejaculation can only be handled by a doctor who can figure out the causes and prescribe the necessary medical treatment. In some cases, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy may be effective.

          You may need advice and treatment from the doctors of the following specialties:

          • sexologist, sexologist;
          • urologist;
          • andrologist;
          • dermatologist;
          • endocrinologist;
          • neuropathologist;
          • a surgeon;
          • psychotherapist, psychologist.

          Each specialist will deal female bodybuilding sex with his problem, if one is identified.

          Ways to prolong the time before ejaculation

          How not to finish quickly, how to avoid premature...

          There are many ways to delay ejaculation that are worth paying attention to.

          Meditation and self control

          Self-control in the process of intimacy is an opportunity for every man to improve the quality of sex.

          Consider some simple ways to help delay the onset of a premature orgasm.

          Here are some of them:

          1. Switching attention. You can start thinking about something else, try to count in your mind to a certain number, or concentrate on the correctness of performing sex technique. Helps reduce arousal.
          2. Friction control There is a count of translational movements of the member, which are performed a specified number of times.
          3. Breath control. It is recommended to breathe deeply enough, breathing in through the nose. Take care not to go into rapid and shallow breathing. To interrupt the oncoming discharge, take one or more deep breaths.
          4. Squeeze the penis. This is done with the thumb and forefinger in the area of ​​the head (the place of attachment of the bridle).
          5. Puff testicles. Grasping the testicles, gently, without causing pain, pull them down, hold them in this position for 5-10 seconds.
          6. Meditation. Practiced in a relaxed atmosphere. It helps to relieve excessive tension, eliminate nervousness, fears and anxieties.


          The most effective can be considered the Kegel exercises, the purpose of which is to train and strengthen the pubic-coccygeal muscle (LKM), as well as the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis and perineum. There are many varieties of this complex, but the meaning of such exercises is reduced to the above.

          The pubic-coccygeal muscle is involved in the processes of sexual arousal and the release of semen. Men who have mastered the technique and practicing regular exercises will be able, during intimacy, not only to control these processes, but also to receive multiple orgasms.

          To understand what kind of muscle in question, you can use some simple techniques. Her tension can be felt behind the scrotum deep in the pelvis. To do this, you can interrupt the process of urination and resume it again, listening to the sensations. Stopping urination occurs due to the contraction of this muscle. You can feel it during erection, when a man tries to move his penis with his will, making him jump and spring. For complete understanding it is recommended to use an atlas of anatomy.

          Found pubic-coccygeal muscle should be trained (arbitrarily reduced), starting with dynamic exercises. After a while, you can switch to static. Exercises should be performed outside the periods of urination or erection.

          Usually start with fifteen cuts, gradually leading up to three hundred. Static exercises begin with alternating three-second contractions and relaxations, gradually increasing the execution time to two minutes or more. It is necessary to achieve the ability to arbitrarily reduce the paintwork material and keep it in tension for some time.

          Exercise should be daily. Should be respected systematic. The technique is simple and does not require special equipment. You can do at home, in the car, at work (if specificity allows) and other suitable conditions.

          There are other exercises that can also be “adopted”.

          Here are some of them:

          1. “High pitch”. Walking on the spot with the highest elevation of the knees and short-term pressing them to the stomach with a half-second delay.
          2. “Compression of the gluteus muscles” . Stand up straight, knees slightly bent. Tighten and relax several times the muscles of the buttocks.
          3. “Run”. Running on the spot with heels and without socks off the floor.
          4. “Bridge”. Lying on your back, lift the torso, arch, fall.
          5. “Rapid breathing.” Lying on your back with your hands behind your head. Make a series of breathing movements of the stomach at a fast pace. Finish with light movements of the pelvis on the sides, without tearing the buttocks from the floor.
          6. “Breath of the stomach.” Become straight, feet shoulder width apart. After inhaling and slowly exhaling, torso forward. On the hold of breath to draw the lower abdomen. Repeat several times.


          Correctly chosen poses can contribute to longer coitus. As a rule, they should be associated with the tension of the muscles of the pelvis and some other muscles of the man’s body.

          Some of the recommended postures are:

          1. The man is in a standing position. You can focus your back on the wall to relieve the load on the spine. A woman jumps on a man in front, legs wrapped around him, and he holds his partner in his arms. Pose should not be used by people who have problems with the spine, as well as with a large body mass of a woman.
          2. Standard pose when a man is on top, holding the torso on his outstretched arms and making smooth wave movements in time with the movements of the woman.
          3. The man is in a sitting position. The woman is on top, also in a sitting position on it.


          Premature hemopathy requires treatment. It is not always possible to solve the problem without the use of drugs. Fortunately, there are plenty of them. There are medicines for ingestion and for external use (sprays, ointments, etc.). Medicinal products that have a normalizing effect on the psycho-emotional state of a man can also be effective do bodybuilders drink alcohol. Treatment must appoint a doctor.

          From the means and drugs that affect the rate of onset of ejaculation and erectile function, we can distinguish the following:

          1. Condoms Reduce the sensitivity of the penis head, prolong sexual intercourse.
          2. Lidocaine sprays (“STUD 5000” and the like). Temporarily blocks the nerve receptors of the glans penis, reducing sensitivity.
          3. Tablets (Sealeks, Confido, Diapoksetin, Ogopleks, etc.).
          4. Folk remedies (decoctions, tinctures, infusions, etc.).


          The drug is based on plant components with rapid onset effect. The action appears very soon (15 minutes after ingestion) and lasts for an hour.


          Another drug, which consists of natural ingredients. May be appointed as an additional means during treatment. No contraindications.


          Often appointed by urologists means. It has a pronounced effect. Unlike Confido, it has a lot of contraindications that need to be considered when prescribing the drug. There is a Russian analogue of Dapoxetine called Primaxetin.


          Fermented pollen extract of various plants with a fairly powerful effect. Stimulates spermatogenesis, improves blood supply to the prostate. Can be used to treat prostate adenoma.

          Folk recipes

          You can fight dysfunction not only with the help of previously described pills, but also with traditional medicine.

          Those who prefer to treat the disorder using traditional methods, you can use ready-made recipes. Prepared funds are accepted for half an hour before the start of a love game.

          Here are some of the recipes:

          1. Tincture of oak bark. Proportion: 5 tablespoons of bark per 300 ml of vodka or alcohol. Insist 1 week in a cool place, drain. Take 15 ml with a small amount of water.
          2. Tincture inflorescences cornflowers. Proportion: 20 g per 120 ml of alcohol or vodka. Insist 2 weeks, strain. Take 20 ml with a small amount of water.
          3. Infusion of leaves of raspberry and currant. Proportion: 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves to 1 cup boiling water. Pour, cover, insist half an hour. Strain, squeezing the residue (leaves). Drink 30 ml.
          4. Tincture of ginger root with honey. Proportions: 2 tablespoons of grated ginger root, 2 teaspoons of honey, 200 ml of vodka or alcohol. Insist 1 week, strain. Take 15 ml with a small amount of water.
          5. Baths with a bay leaf. Proportions: 100 g bay leaf per 20 liters of water. Prepare a bath, letting the sheet brew for a while. Take a bath for about 15 minutes, after which you can start having sex.
          6. Wheat oil. Take 20 ml. A good effect gives the lubrication of the penis.
          7. Peppermint juice. Clean moistened fingers with juice, massage the penis for 1-2 minutes before intimacy.

          Drugs and alcohol can not be taken! They have nothing to do with folk remedies and bring only harm.


          Circumcision, as one of the ways to solve the problem, can be used in cases where the accelerated eruption of the seed occurs due to the increased sensitivity of the penis head. This is a fairly frequent problem, leading to an undesirable decrease in sex time. It is eliminated operatively – an operation is carried out to excise and remove the foreskin (circumcision). After surgery, the sensitivity of the penis head is reduced.

          Circulation solves the problem of premature ejaculation and the short duration of intimacy in most men.


          The best prevention can be considered a healthy lifestyle. Sufficient physical activity, proper sleep, proper organization of work and rest are recommended. The important point is a balanced diet, which includes important components for men (vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, carnitine) and the absence of bad habits. In the presence of disease, timely treatment is necessary.

          One of the winged Latin expressions reads: “In a healthy body is a healthy mind.” This is a pledge not only good general well-being, full health and longevity, but also a full-fledged sex life. It is better to prevent violations than to treat.


          In this video, a psychotherapist and a sexologist will talk about the problems that concern men, will give his advice and recommendations on how to prevent early ejaculation.

          And from this video it will be possible to learn about herbal treatments at home.

          Those who would like to do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and testabol learn how to control the moment of ejaculation, you need to watch this video.

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